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The Best Options for Winter Season

The current word jacket is derived from the French word jaquette which refers to a lightweight tunic. In Modern French, jaquette is similar to the jacket. The typical jacket is a garment with sleeves for the upper body. It is lighter with a tighter-fitting that gives your body a structure and shape. Jackets for both men and women have always been in fashion, be it summer or winter.

Jackets as winter fashion

Winter is around the corner. So it is high time that men and women should revisit their wardrobe to upgrade it. We have to add more layers of clothing keeping our fashion and style intact. It is a treacherous time of the year where your fashion sense might take a slip. The jacket comes as a savior and ends all our winter fashion woes. Different types of fashionable jackets for both men and women are available. India too is catching up with the trend. One can also buy winter jackets for women through online shopping as well.

Winter jackets for men and women are more or less same. Some different types of winter jackets for both men and women are mentioned below

Quilted jackets

Quilted jackets are a must to cover you from freezing cold and at the same time keeping your fashion game up. It provides you warmth and full coverage. They come in different sizes and vibrant colors both offline and online. These jackets are mostly double layered and ideal for extremely low temperatures. Generally made up of leather silk or wool, these winter jackets can be teamed up with trousers, jeans and even dresses.

Hooded jackets
Hooded jackets are a craze among men and women. They are very much in trend this season. It comes with a hoodie to cover your head and gives a casual vibe. Hooded jackets are made of cotton fleece, polyester viscose, acrylic blend or wool. It can be paired with leggings and trousers.

Printed jackets

Printed jackets have always grabbed attention. They are the most fashionable coming in several prints for men and women. A printed jacket can just turn your dull and boring winter wear into a classy and peppy one giving the right amount of poise.  Printed jackets are made up if leather, viscose, nylon or wool. Animal printed jackets are a must have in your winter wardrobe collection.

They are perfect as winter wear. Generally, water-resistant windcheaters are often worn above a sweater while traveling. Windcheaters were mundane but thanks to our fashion industry, they now come in beautiful shapes and sizes. Windcheaters are mainly for gaming, gyming or traveling purpose. They are best paired with track pants and trousers. Windcheaters are made up if lycra, polyester or cotton.


Winter fashion can really be tricky so one needs to be careful while choosing his or her winter garments. It should not be dull or mundane but vibrant. Online shopping for winter jackets for men in India and has seen a steady rise. But you should remember that it is not all about fashion but protection as well.


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